Hey there!


I’d love to work with you. Here is a little more about what I offer as a creator. 

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High quality, engaging content is my specialty.

I have a highly engaged audience that has been built entirely organically over the last six years. I’m passionate about providing my audience with honest, real, and relatable content. My goal is to be a  place that my audience can come to for encouragement, a bit of humor, ideas and inspiration.

As a writer and creator, I have a wide range of services that I can offer.

These include:

  • Blog posts and links on my personal blog.
  • Copywriting for blog posts and websites.
  • High resolution photography
  • Engaging and unique social media posts – including “static” posts as well as stories with links, and short video posts such as Instagram Reels videos.
  • Inclusion in my newsletter.
  • Giveaways.

I am open to collaborations and partnerships. Send me an email at coleyraeh@gmail.com to chat about it and get my media kit. Let’s get to work.