Who are we?

Well, I’m Nichole and that’s my husband Ryan, and those are our two children. Ryan is from Illinois and went to college in Wisconsin. I’m from Iowa and went to college in both South Carolina and Iowa. We met in Iowa when Ryan had moved there for work. He works in the paper industry and I’ve worked in several industries, from biotech to health coaching. Now we live in Arkansas and we LOVE it.

Our family values time spent outdoors, deep and meaningful conversation, adventure, camping, all things Star Wars, road trips and homeschooling. Though not necessarily in that order.

Homeschooling was never something we had planned to do. But we’ve been on this journey for seven years now and we can’t see our lives any other way.

We would rather drive than fly. Though we’ll fly if we need to. Back roads and side roads and all the coffee shops and hiking trails along the way. We love our National Parks. But we also love all the natural spaces and will always do our part to leave it better than when we found it. Museums and hands on experiences are our favorite way to learn and we believe that learning is a lifelong journey and shouldn’t stop just because you’re done with with your formal education. 

We believe in seeing the wonder as we wander, wherever that may be. We’ll see you out there!