Southeast Oklahoma is a beautiful area to explore. Beaver’s Bend State Park is one of our families favorite places to hike and spend time outdoors. There are many great things to do in the area, from hiking, to boating, to off roading, kayaking, fishing and more. This post will outline some of the best hiking trails in Broken Bow and Hochatown, in southeast Oklahoma. These trails are wonderful all year round, but they are especially gorgeous in the fall when the leaves change. A tip: the overlook at Cedar Bluff Point makes a great spot for photos. Just be mindful of pets and small children because those cliffs are very steep and potentially dangerous.

Beavers Bend State Park.

Beavers Bend State Park is in southeast Oklahoma. It’s home to some of the best hiking trails in Broken Bow and Hochatown. It’s a beautiful park with plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. There’s something for everyone and every type of adventurer. The park is free to visit but does require payment for parking passes. While you’re there, be sure to visit the nature center and the Forest Heritage Center. There are so many fun things to do in Broken Bow and Hochatown with kids and hiking is just one of them! This post contains affiliate links.

Best hiking trails in Broken Bow: Easy

These easy rated trails are shorter distances with fewer hills. They’re ideal for younger children. Though they’re shorter in length, they’re still beautiful and offer wonderful views and nature experiences.

  • Pine Ridge Trail – less than one mile.
  • Tree Trail – at the Forest Heritage Center, just over one mile. This is a great hike for younger children.
  • Lake View Lodge Trail – just short of four miles, meandering with some small rolling hills. Mostly shaded.

Moderate hiking trails.

  • Cedar Bluff Nature Trail – less than one mile but has a steep incline at the start. There is a great overlook spot at the top that’s great for photos. Be mindful of small children and pets because there are steep cliffs.
  • Friends Trail Loop – One of our favorite hikes, 1.5 miles, follows the river. Great hike for families.
  • Spillway Loop – 4 miles, mostly easy with a few rocky spots.
  • Lookout Mountain Loop – just over 2 miles, best in fall or winter.

Best hiking trails in Broken Bow: Hard

The only hard rated hike in this area is the Skyline Trail. It is nearly ten miles and connects several trails within Beavers Bend State Park. It’s easily one of the best hiking trails in Broken Bow and Hochatown. It’s stunningly beautiful in the fall but makes for a great and challenging hike all year round. Be sure to download an offline version of the map to stay on the correct path. A portion of the hike is connected with a walk on a paved road. Remember to be prepared on this hike and bring extra water in the hot months, wear sturdy hiking shoes, and take extra snacks. Plan on a full day for this hike if you’re hiking with kids.

Other nearby hiking trails.

  • North Cedar Creek Waterfall Trail – Easy, less than one mile. This hike is about a twenty minute drive north of Broken Bow.
  • Clayton Lake Recreation Area Trail – Easy, less than one mile, partially on paved roads. An hour drive northwest of Broken Bow.
  • Mountain Top Trail Loop – 2.5 miles in Muse, Oklahoma. This trail uses the Ouachita Trail for part of the loop.
  • Ouachita Trail: Section 1 – Hard, 22 miles point to point. This is the first section of the Ouachita Trail which runs the entire length of the Ouachita National Forest, from Talihina, Oklahoma to Perryville, Arkansas. It totals 272 miles in length and is a popular thru hike for backpackers. Talihina is an hour and fifteen minute drive north of Broken Bow.

What to take hiking.

When it comes to hiking longer trails or bigger hikes, I always recommend the ten essentials for families. For shorter hikes, you may only need some water and good walking or hiking shoes. However, it is always good to be prepared for a variety of conditions. The ten essentials include the following, but can be adapted for your specific hike:

The best hiking gear is the gear you already own. You do not need to buy a bunch of different gear to start hiking. As you hike more and discover what you like you can add to your adventure kit.

Favorite hiking gear.

Each person will have their own preferences for hiking gear, which makes it hard to say any certain item is the “best” of the best. But, I’m happy to share the gear that has served my self and my family well over the last ten years of outdoor adventures.

Gear shops in Broken Bow.

There are not very many places to get gear if you need it in Broken Bow, but one place to check out is Bruton’s Outdoors North in Hochatown. It has a range of fishing, camping, outdoor gear and gifts. Another one is Hochatown Mountain Company. It’s a gift shop next to Sasquatch Candy Den that has some outdoor gear including various Patagonia products. You can also check at the Beaver’s Bend State Park visitor center. For fly fishing specific needs, visit the Beavers Bend Fly Shop.

Best hiking trails in Broken Bow and Hochatown.

There are so many amazing trails around southeast and central Oklahoma. But, our family thinks the trails listed here are the best hiking trails in Broken Bow and Hochatown. Hiking is a wonderful family activity and a great way to get in outdoor time, while staying active, and creating lifelong memories. Happy adventuring!

About the author.

Nichole is a writer, content creator, and family travel and adventure influencer residing in southwest Arkansas. Though her and her husband (Ryan) are originally from the midwest, they’ve lived in Arkansas for ten years now and are thrilled to call it home. They have homeschooled their children from the beginning of their educational journey. They have a now 13 year old son and 10 year old daughter, along with a one year Direwolf Dog puppy named Levi. Nichole is an avid outdoor adventurer and road tripper and has been taking her kids on adventures by herself since they were infants, it’s all part of what she calls being responsibly brave. She is also on the Executive Team for Run Wild My Child and has contributed to Wild and Free. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with all of their shenanigans.