The ArkLaTex Adventure Club.

When my family and I moved to the Four States region ten years ago, we realized we had so much to learn. Everything seemed new to us and we were (and still are) so excited to embrace all that this part of the country has to offer. We believe strongly in loving where you live, even if it requires some mindset shifting. There are positive things to find in every part of the world, and I’m thrilled to helps hare all that the Four States area has to offer. If you’re looking for adventures in southwest Arkansas, southeast Oklahoma, east Texas, and northwest Louisiana, you’re in the right place. I’d like to welcome you to the ArkLaTex Adventure Club!

What is the club?

Simply put, for now, the ArkLaTex Adventure Club exists as a public Facebook group, which I’d love to invite you to join. It’s free and there are no membership requirements. It’s a place where I share all of the good things we’ve done and experienced within the ArkLaTex, plus fun events that I hear about. All of these things have a family focus, but they’re activities that are for everyone. The club is based off of a free list of 120 and more things to do in the ArkLaTex. That list continues to grow and expand. The group and the list are curated by me (@coleyraeh ) . PS – I’m also still in the developmental stages of this so please forgive my terrible branding and design skills. Stay tuned for better graphics.

Who is the ArkLaTex Adventure Club for?

It’s for everyone! There are no membership requirements and there are no fees. I wanted to create a space to collect and share all of the incredible adventures my family and I have gone on in the Four States Area. This space is meant to be a space of inspiration and a community of enthusiastic adventurers. Whether you’re looking for free events across the region, or for high end luxury stays and experiences, you’ll find those and everything in between. The ArkLaTex Adventure Club is for families, grandparents, singles, young adults, and anyone who wants to find unique and fun things to do across the area.

caldwell zoo tyler tx with kids

Outdoor adventures.

This group will feature all types of outdoor adventures across the Four States region. In our family, we enjoy outdoor pursuits of all types and I will do my best to feature those types of activities. From the best hiking trails for kids and families, to water trails for canoes and kayaks, to the best parks and playgrounds. I believe that outdoor adventure can come in all forms and doesn’t necessarily have to mean big, epic, and far away. We are so lucky to have a wide range of activities right here. For example, did you know you can dig for fossils nearby here in east Texas? Or, perhaps you’d like to try crystal digging with your family? Into water sports? How about camping on an island using a stand up paddle board to get there? This group will cover all of this and so much more!

Indoor adventures.

There are so many amazing things to do and see around the Four States Area. Museums are some of our favorite places. The ArkLaTex Adventure Club will see many of the museums in our area featured. You’ll also get special tips about ways to save money, like getting museum memberships to get free admission at other museums. Here’s a few reasons why we love museums so much. Whether you’re looking for summer break ideas for things to do when it’s too hot to play outside, or for ideas to enrich your families education and lives, the ArkLaTex Adventure Club will be where you find it.

Museum of the Red River in Idabel, Oklahoma, Acrocanthosaurus

Unique experiences in the ArkLaTex.

Did you know you don’t have to travel the globe to find incredibly unique experiences? Our area is home to some incredible things to do, and places to stay. Not that there’s anything wrong with traveling the world, that’s great too! I just want to provide a source for inspiration to love where you live and see al the cool things we have right here. For example, did you know you can stay in a missile silo turned AirBnb near Little Rock? Or how about a shipping container treehouse? What about a luxury treehouse in Hot Springs? Or, perhaps glamping is more your style? I can help with that. I’ll be sharing all the truly unique adventures you can find in the ArkLaTex and Four States area.

shipping container treehouse in ladonia texas

Getting featured in ArkLaTex Adventure Club.

The ArkLaTex Adventure Club will be working hard to focus on local and small businesses, as well as partnering with tourism boards to show off all that a certain area has to offer. There are a few ways that we will make this happen.

  • Community input with sharing and commenting on designated posts. Each week, Nichole will make a post opening up comments for community members to share their events.
  • Features and spotlights. These will be for brands, businesses, and tourism boards to show off what they have to offer for our community. Email Nichole ( ) to discuss this.
  • Guest posts. Are you an aspiring writer or blogger? Do you have an adventure you’ve taken within the Four States Area and you’d like to chat about it? Nichole would love to set up a chance for you to do this. It can be a live video within the group, a blog post on her website, or a podcast type interview. Email her at to start planning.

Make it yours.

To make the most out of the ArkLaTex Adventure Club, be sure to join the Facebook group. That’s where most of the content will be shared. It’s also where you can stay up to date with what’s going on in the area. Join the group, introduce yourself, and be sure to turn on notifications or check the group at least once per week. Nichole will always be adding new content, including the occasional giveaways and discount codes. Let’s love where we live and have some adventures. I can’t wait to explore with you. Let’s go!

Coleyraeh and family at the maze of Hochatown

About the author.

Nichole is a writer, content creator, and family travel and adventure influencer residing in southwest Arkansas. Though her and her husband (Ryan) are originally from the midwest, they’ve lived in Arkansas for ten years now and are thrilled to call it home. They have homeschooled their children from the beginning of their educational journey. They have a now 12 year old son and 9 year old daughter, along with a one year Direwolf Dog puppy named Levi. Nichole is an avid outdoor adventurer and road tripper and has been taking her kids on adventures by herself since they were infants, it’s all part of what she calls being responsibly brave. She is also on the Executive Team for Run Wild My Child and has contributed to Wild and Free. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with all of their shenanigans.