Welcome to Clear Sky Resorts.

Clear Sky Resorts is the ultimate family friendly, luxury glamping experience, located right outside of the Grand Canyon. They also have a location next to Glacier National Park . The idea behind them is to create a luxurious place to stay that is close to beautiful locations. Plus, it’s packed full of amenities. Our family recently enjoyed a two night stay at their Grand Canyon location and it was an experience that we will never forget!

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clear sky resorts grand canyon arizona

The location.

Clear Sky Resorts have two locations and they are ideally situated close to a national park. We stayed at the Grand Canyon location. The resort is located down a dirt road, just north of Williams, AZ, in Valle. You will turn right just after the Grand Canyon Inn, onto Highgrove Road. A tip: be sure to look to the left on your way and you’ll spot some bison! The entrance to the resort is marked by their iconic blue telescope sculpture, a tribute to the stargazing theme for the resort. The closest towns are Williams, Arizona, which is about 30 miles south, and Tusayan, Arizona which is 20 miles to the north. You will drive through Tusayan on your way to the south gate entrance to the Grand Canyon.

clear sky resorts grand canyon welcome dome

Checking in.

Once you turn down the lava rock drive at Clear Sky Resorts, you’ll easily know you’ve arrived. The unmistakable domes rise up out of the desert around you. The first thing you should do is head toward the welcome dome, the largest of the domes, just to the right of the main drive. See more of it HERE. Our children enjoyed playing the oversized Connect Four games and other lawn games while we checked in. The iconic lobby is air conditioned and will take your breath away with it’s large clear panel, offering sweeping vistas to the landscape surrounding the resort. Upon check in, guests receive two complimentary drinks with their stay and they have plenty of options, including some IPA’s from local breweries. During check in, you’ll receive all of the instructions to get into your dome, details about the amenities, events, and an option to have your bags taken to your dome for you. A tip: take them up on this offer! Some of the domes have parking available outside, but for the larger Grand Canyon XL or the themed domes, you’ll have to park and walk to get to your dome.

clear sky resorts grand canyon lava rock path

Your dome.

To enter our dome at Clear Sky Resorts, we entered our custom keycode into the keypad on the door. When we opened the door, our children audibly gasped and squealed as they raced to the ladder to their beds. Each dome is equipped with a remote controlled heater and air conditioning unit. There is also a remote for the gas fireplace and the retractable window cover in the peak of the dome. You can open it up at night for the ultimate stargazing from the comfort of the bed below. We stayed in their Grand Canyon XL dome, which had an extremely comfortable queen size bed on the main floor, and a loft for our children that had an additional full size bed and a twin size bed. This isn’t just any glamping experience, the luxury is dialed way up because each dome has it’s own bathroom! No running to the bathroom a quarter mile away for those middle of the night bathroom breaks with kids. Our bathroom also had a huge, walk in, rain head shower, and excellent lighting. There is also an extremely Instagram worthy, swinging chair, bean bags, cozy chairs, an in room coffee maker, small refrigerator, literature about the Grand Canyon, and luxurious robes and slippers for your stay.

clear sky resorts grand canyon xl dome arizona

The amenities and on-site activities.

Clear Sky Resorts is big on fun. Fun for all ages. After we got settled, our kids voted to head immediately to the jumping pillow. This isn’t just any jumping pillow, it’s massive! Quite possibly the biggest I’ve ever seen. It was incredible! Note- there is a weight limit per jumper of 200 pounds. It was, without a doubt, my children’s favorite part of the resort. There is also a great playground, tether ball, a volleyball court, and a super fun trike racecourse. They even have adult sized trikes! I may have worn myself out trying to beat my son around the racetrack. When the sun starts to go down, head over to the welcome dome for complimentary s’more kits and a bonfire (unless there is a burn ban). While we were there an impromptu soccer game broke out amongst some of the families and children visiting and it was so much fun! You can also relax with a game of giant chess. Our favorite: taking a walk around the 9 hole disc golf course at night! The course has a lit pathway, and both the tees and the baskets are lit up. Plus, there are lit up animal sculptures to look for. The stargazing is unparalleled thanks to little to no light pollution from nearby cities.

clear sky resorts arizona disc golf course

Other things to do.

The main attraction outside of Clear Sky Resorts is the Grand Canyon, which can keep you and your family busy for a few days. We only had one day, so we spent some time hiking the Rim Trail, then the Kaibab trail down to the “ooh-aah” point, and finally chased some thunderstorms over to the Lookout Tower for an epic sunset. However, here are a few other ways to enjoy your stay at the resort:

  • The resort will be opening a movie projection dome soon, so stay tuned!
  • Our family enjoyed spending a day at Bearizona on our way to the resort. A tip: take a few laps around the park, it’s worth doing more than one loop.
  • The historic and scenic railroad that begins in Williams, Arizona.
  • Nearby Flagstaff has plenty of dining, shopping, and hiking trails!

For eating options, the closest option is the on-site food truck that operates from Wednesday to Sunday. The food truck at Clear Sky Resorts does have vegan and vegetarian options. There is also a restaurant at the nearby Grand Canyon Inn, however there are limited options for vegetarian and it is a bit pricey. The next closest food options are Williams for Tusayan. I would recommend packing some food for your breakfast and lunches, however, please leave food in your vehicle. The resort asks that visitors are careful about food in the domes, because while it’s a luxury experience, it is still glamping and food will invite unwanted animal pests. One more thing, the paths and walkways at the resort are either lava rock or very dusty, so flip flops may not be the best footwear. I’d recommend sandals that won’t get rocks in them or closed toed shoes. For a full look in fifteen seconds, check out my Instagram Reel video HERE.

grand canyon in the rain

Thanks for reading.

Thanks so much for reading all about Clear Sky Resorts! I hope that you and your family will enjoy a trip there soon, or at least add it to your bucket list. My name is Nichole and I hope that you’ll follow along with our family’s adventures on my Instagram page. I am also a contributing writer for Wild + Free and on the Executive Team for Run Wild My Child. If you’d like to read about another unique camping experience, check out THIS POST all about a canoe and camp adventure. If you’d like to know more about our family, check out my ABOUT US page. Thanks for reading, friends! I hope you and your family continue to see the wonder, as you wander. ~Nichole

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