As an outdoors loving, homeschool family, we are constantly seeking out adventure. I needed a phone case that could hold up to the shenanigans we threw at it. From drops, to dust, heat and cold; but most importantly the ability to take photos around water and underwater, without sacrificing image quality. The AxisGo does exactly that.
I received an AxisGo iPhone case in exchange for the content created here. However the opinions expressed here are my own.

Water has always been a prominent power in my life. At the ripe old age of 5, after my Mom introduced me to all kinds of sports and extracurricular activities, I informed her that I only wanted to swim. And that declaration set off a lifelong love for the water and water sports.

Once a swimmer, always a swimmer. 

I swam competitively through high school and college, finding my true strength while competing in open water swim races and working as an ocean lifeguard. That passion never waned even when life took its course and I took a break from the water. Early in my marriage I sought out masters swimming and delved into the world of triathlon, though I quickly realized that the water, not the bike, was where I belonged.

Instilling a love for the water. 

When I became a mother, I wanted more than anything to pass on my love of the water to my children. All too often I see parents teach their children to fear the water rather than enjoy it. Luckily, both of my children took to the water as easily as I did and both were swimming confidently on their own by the time they were four years old. My daughter, however, nearly got kicked out of swim lessons because she is rarely on the surface of the water to listen. That girl seems to be part mermaid, though I’m sure my old swim instructors are laughing because I recall being in trouble for the same thing when I was younger.

Adventure family.

In our family, the outdoors are a big part of our family culture. Hiking, camping, fishing, exploring, swimming (both in pools and natural bodies of water), and new hobbies that we add to our list often. In the hot and humid summers that drench the deep south, we often spend our weekends hiking up the clear streams and creeks of the Ouachita National Forest.  On a fairly recent outing with my children, we found the most beautiful waterfall and enjoyed standing under its thundering frigid water for a few moments as we explored that day, and snapped a few soaking wet selfies in the process.

As a Mom who loves photos, I am constantly documenting our shenanigans. When smart phones evolved, I had a string of Samsung Galaxy phones , the active version, that could withstand the beating that I put it through. However, over time, I began to see that superior image quality and capabilities of the iPhone and made the switch just over a year ago. I was immediately disappointed in the phone’s delicate appearance despite its impressive capabilities. So, I began researching phone cases. Because, as they say, the best camera is the one you always have with you. And the one I always have with me is my phone.

From one case to another.

I wanted a case that could offer waterproofing. Not that I had plans to fully submerge my phone, but I wanted to be able to if the need arose, or I found myself sliding down a waterfall with my phone in my pocket (which is highly probable). Through all my research I found that the LifeProof Fre case was the best option for robust protection from drops, sand, dirt, snow, and water.  It was a slim case that easily fit in my pocket. It worked well for a few months. But after three months I began to notice that any of my photos with a light source or bright spots in them had a hazy or unfocused look. The plastic covering that was over the camera part of my phone seemed to have been scratched and was the source of warping for my photos. I contacted LifeProof and they quickly sent a replacement Fre case. It worked well for another three months but the same problem arose. The covering over the camera lens for the waterproofing was scratched and dropping the quality of my photos.

Discovering something new.

Back home I started my research with a new fervor, after my phone was safe and secure in an Otterbox case. That case would protect it from dust, dirt, and drops but wasn’t waterproof.  I had remembered seeing Kristin Rogers (a fellow homeschool Mom) sharing about an AxisGo camera case so I decided to look into it more.  The case is fully submersible and entirely waterproof, exactly what I had been looking for. I wanted a case that would let me use my phone to its full potential, both in or out of water. The AxisGo checked all the boxes.

Unboxing and first adventures.

The box arrived and I was beyond excited to open it and try it out. The first thing that caught my attention was the robust durability of the exterior of the case, and the cute aqua color. After watching the assembly videos on the AquaTech website I prepped my case for its first water test. The water tests are simple, but are necessary to ensure that your case is entirely waterproof. Mine passed both tests with flying colors and it was time to put it to the photography test. Luckily, we happened to be visiting family when the case arrived. Family that has a pool. My kids raced to put their suits on and I did the same.

Putting it together. 

The entire assembly process took less than two minutes, including removing my phone from its case and placing it in the AxisGo case. My phone does have a screen protector overlay but it did not interfere with the fit for the waterproof case. The first few photos were stunning. There are buttons on the exterior of the case for releasing the camera shutter and locking the phone. But, what makes the AxisGo stand out to me is that the touchpad on my phone is still sensitive, meaning I can be underwater and easily swipe my camera from photo mode, to video mode, and to my children’s favorite: slow mo video. The videos of my kids jumping into the water and then swimming toward me, done in slow motion, may just be the most adorably hilarious thing I have ever seen.

It’s all in the extras.

For my budding filmmaker, my son, the Pistol Grip was a wonderful way for him to have control of a shot while still being able to swim. The pistol grip attaches to the bottom side edge of the AxisGo case and has a trigger button to release the shutter for photos or start and stop video recording. It’s well worth the investment to add this on, especially if you plan on swimming with your AxisGo. Side note, the case has an attachable wristband that needs to be worn at all times, especially if swimming in deep water. That way the case will not be dropped and lost to the depths.

Wide Views

Another really neat add on is the Ultra Wide Angle lens. We tried using it at my family’s pool and also while visiting Balmorhea State Park in west Texas. The AxisGo case has an interchangeable port system that is easy to twist and untwist to switch out lenses. The wide angle lens increased the field view of my shots and gave my photos a really fun curvature to them that added to the beauty of underwater photos. The lenses can be changed out in less than thirty seconds and are very durable.

Field testing the fun way.

Our first outing with the case was to Slide Rock State Park, just north of Sedona, Arizona. Though the water was freezing cold it was only a matter of minutes before we were slip sliding our way down the sandstone. It was reassuring to me to carry my phone in the Axis Go case, not only for the waterproofing but also for the overall protection. I slid down the main rock slide several times, and it was really fun to capture my experience all on my phone, easily transitioning from underwater to above water shots. The buttons on the exterior of the case make it easy to take photos, but also easy for other people to snap photos if someone is able to take a group shot of my family. We asked a passerby to take one and rather than rattling off a long explanation I only had to say “push here” and the photo turned out great.

Why AxisGo?

The best thing about AxisGo? You need not be a world traveler or professional photographer to utilize this tool! It works for nearly all iPhone models and is very easy to use. Take it on road trips. Take it to your local pool. Take it to your kiddos next swim practice or swim meet. Take it on your next adventure.

A whole new way to capture memories. 

Documenting our family shenanigans is important to me. And being able to document our outdoor adventure lifestyle is equally important. The AxisGo case opened a new avenue for me to record snippets of our lives: underwater photo and video. But beyond that it gives me peace of mind as I scramble around rocks and waterfalls. I know that my iPhone is safe and secure, and that I will be able to utilize it to its full potential, with unhindered photo quality, thank you to the AxisGo case.

Whether you find your family chasing waterfalls on the weekends or relaxing around a pool, the AxisGo can provide hours of fun as you turn moments into memories, both above the water and below the surface.


 Where you will take your AxisGo?


Stay tuned for a new Roadtrip Renegades post. 

I am almost ready to start some trip highlight posts, including all the details about Balmorhea State Park, where some of these photos were taken. In the meantime, HERE is an older post about one of our roadtrips and a little bit about the WHY behind what we do. 

I was completely blown away with the quality of photos I could create with the AxisGo case! I can't wait to see what you can create too! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Wishing you and yours a wonderful rest of the summer.